Note: this is the prayer of Dana Kim delivered today in the morning. We are one in the prayer. 

Heavenly father,

We come before you humbly to speak to you, to have personal relationship with you, Lord. 

Lord, we thank you so much for giving us this time of prayer. 

Thank you so much for your loving grace, God. 

Lord, We are weak, we are frail, we are so small, so unworthy of your presence, Father God. We are so quick to forget that you are the reason that we live.

Yet you love us unconditionally, blessing us with so many things we don't deserve.

Father God, let us be reminded that you are the one who lets us breathe, who lets us wake up every morning...and let us not take granted for every little thing you grace us with. 

Father God, we live in tumultuous times. In this fast, crazy world we live in, we sincerely pray that you guide us to the rightful path, that you guide us to be salt and light of the world, that you guide us to set aside our selfish desires and become Christ-centered people we need to be.

Lord, I thank you so much for 금문교회. Thank you so much for this community we have. Let us always have Christ-centered accountability for each other and always love one another as sons and daughters of Christ. Father God, I also pray for each and every one of those who aren't able to come and those who have gone home to Korea. Lord I pray that you will give them the wisdom and the faith to fight through the worldly temptations and obstacles. Please guide them through the holy spirit.

Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for all that you have done and always do for us.

We love you so much Lord, and in Christ's name we pray,