Dear pastor,

It was very great yesterday to see your professor, I understand how you was happy to host your professor in your ministry. It is the same as when I will graduate and you come in African to visit my ministry there.  

Beside that this is confirm that Bishop Alexis from Gahini is going to visit CA next week from Nov. 7-11/2016. His main goal is just to visit me, but I want him to visit even some of this seminaries. Like ABSW and PSR. I know that you are very busy, but I could be very happy if you could arrange time to meet him. Bishop Alexis is going to stay with me in the some building for these three days. 

Second I would like to ask you permission on Nov. 13, I am willing to visit one of my friend's ministry, he asked me to preach in his ministry.
Thank you very much pastor.

Yours, Rev. .Appolinaire